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Certified Senior Sales Professional

Certified Senior
Sales Professional

About Course

The Certified Sales Professional Course is intended for:

Certified Senior
Sales Professional

Learn Advance Sales Mastery
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  • Virtual Learning & Physical
  • 2 Months Duration


Understanding the Value Concept and Value Communication​

  • Understanding the Role of Perception in Sales
  • Selling Value Vs Selling Price
  • Learning the Principles of Persuasion
  • Fitting Features & Benefits to Needs- How to Sell your Offerings in a Compelling Way

Process-Led Selling and Understanding Sales Processes

  • Significance of Process Alignment in Sales Management
  • Understanding the 7 Steps in a Sales Process
  • Creating an Optimized Sales Process & Aligning Your Sales Process to Customer’s Buying Process
  • The Role of (a) CRM and (b) Sales Engagement Solutions in Managing Sales Process


  • Preparing for Negotiation
  • Setting Objectives on Both Sides
  • BATNA and Giving Trade Offs
  • Winning Negotiation Strategies
  • Key Strategies for Negotiating with a Group

Selling to
Enterprise Customers Businesses

  • Generating and Validating Opportunities
  • Strategic Co-Creation: Building a Solution Specific to a Company’s Use Case/Business Requirement
  • Understanding the Inside-Company Sales Map
  • Managing the Complexity of the Decision Process
  • Winning Through Multiparty Objections & Inside Politics
  • Exploring the Consultative Selling Approach & Critical Questioning
  • The KITE framework for Selling to Enterprise Customers

The Challenger
Sales Methodology

  • Understanding the Challenger Sales
  • Significant Traits of Challenger Reps
  • Five Profiles of Sales Professionals
  • Winning Secrets of Challenger Reps

Optimal Relationship Management

  • Communication (Receiving and Giving Feedbacks)
  • Building Influence and Power
  • Relationship to customers - Adopting Technologies like Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Conflict Management

Emotional Intelligence for Revenue Leadership

  • Understanding People and Personalities
  • Connecting at an Emotional Level with Your Prospects and Customers
  • Leveraging Relational Capabilities for Selling Efficiency
  • Handling Objections and Negative Feedback

Strategic Pipeline Management & Deal Acceleration

  • Understanding Pipeline Generation and Deal Management
  • Synchronizing the Sales Pipeline Activities to Customer’s Buying Process
  • Triggering a Buying Process to Move Customers in the Sales Funnel
  • Influencing Buying Process in terms of Velocity, Volume and Closing Ratio

Delivery Mode/How It Works


Winston Nolan

CEO, The Sales Machine

Ocloo Mawuli

Chief Sales Partner, The SALES Coach

Bunmi Jembola

CEO, SalesRuby Ltd

Sam Orovwuje

Founder / National Coordinator Humanitarian Care for Displaced Persons

Certificate Is Awarded Based On: