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Discover Why Most Brands Will Miss their 2021 Revenue Projection for Q1

There is an interesting projection for 2021, I saw recently on LinkedIn from a leading business expert, that I will like to share with you.The projections indicated that over 90% of brands out there will miss their revenue targets in Q1 of 2021.Just like you, I was eager to know why?It explained further by revealing that the reason is not far-fetched and it is majorly because of lack of required expertise to sell in the current business environment, inadequate sales talent, archaic sales processes.You know what, out of all of these points, the one with major impact is archaic sales processes.In today’s business environment, an example of an outdated sales process is when your sales reps lack access to data to improve their closure rate and have relevant conversations with prospects.If all your sales team did this year was to get leads from marketing and call, without drilling down afterwards to know their exact closure rate and what needs to be done to gradually increase the closure rate. Truth be told, you’re not really ready for 2021.Even if you have an exceptional sales team selling with an outdated sales process. Their performance will not be optimal.And this is where most leaders get it wrong. They blame the revenue team for all that goes wrong without taking an intentional review at their processes to refine what’s working from what doesn’t.This is the best time to dump all strategies and processes that achieve little or no results in 2020. If you want to achieve exceptional growth next year, it is very important not to build your plans on them.Regardless of the time, you started using them, if they failed in 2020, just dump them, do not presume that they will work in 2021 because by then there would be a limited time to improvise, adapt and overcome the fluidity of all the unknown market changes.With that said, at SalesRuby we pride ourselves as experts in all things sales and revenue growth and we can help you build your team to drive your ambitious revenue goals for 2021. Just click the button below.

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