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How your reps can close An “Impossible” Deal Using The Connect Then Lead Strategy

There was a decision maker in a leading microfinance bank that one of my reps reached out to early this month and all was going well until it’s impossible to get through to him. 

She tried reaching him using different channels but no response. I picked up the lead and decided to engage with him this last weekend. But before I called him, I decided to use a strategy that will make me get his attention.

The truth is, it’s easy to sell to prospects who are already interested in your product but it is often very hard to sell to a warm lead that suddenly turned cold. So ask me what I did?I used the connect, then lead strategy.

This strategy was shared in a Harvard Business Review article called “Connect then lead” It states that, after a lot of research on thousands of leaders and salespeople, they found that the two most important traits of top leaders and salespeople for influence are competency and empathy.

With this strategy, you can build trust and build influence quickly. So I had to look for ways to connect with him  faster without his professional experience and organization so I went to his LinkedIn profile to make more findings about him and fortunately, I discovered that he is the president of an NGO organization herein Nigeria.

Even though the intention was to revive this deal and sell to him, I did not prioritize that, the main goal is to connect with him as fast as possible in the initial level of the conversation. I introduced myself and switched the conversation very quickly to focus on the NGO organisation and asked how they are coping in this COVID time?

He was very open, his response led to several questions and we talked for almost one hour like we’ve known each other for years. At the end, he assured me that he would book a meeting with the board and also promised that he will do all he could to internally to move the deal until closure.

Make no mistake, mastering the first call, or what we call The Connect Call, is a crucial component for most successful sales but most reps goof it up and waste the opportunity to build an exceptional first impression.

If you trace it, most challenges with stagnant deals are as a result of capacity deficiency from the rep in charge of the deal to create a very strong first connection with prospects and stay top-of-mind. Most of them waste the opportunity to build an exceptional first impression by handling the first contact shabbily.

Meanwhile deals are very easy to close when sales reps engage and have highly effective conversation the first time. It just opens doors for further engagement.

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