Insurance Sales Training Program

Course Overview

The insurance sales training program is designed to equip insurance sales agents and professionals with a range of skills to position the value of products that are intangible, complex, and abstract.

The insurances sales landscape have changed and this have brought up challenges that keep intensifying as the industry continue experience ongoing changes like:

  • The emergence of fast, affordable digital solutions
  • The focus on value by current buyers
  • The demand for increasingly personalized solutions

Overcoming these modern insurance sales challenges means developing an equally modern approach to selling. Insurance sales agents need top-notch training to learn to deliver customer-centric solutions that address underlying needs more effectively than competitors.

Success comes from understanding the buyer’s journey, reaching all stakeholders, and shaping perceptions of value. These sales skills are particularly important for insurance organizations positioning multiple products and services, each consisting of several parts.

SalesRuby Academy’s sales training for insurance agents and teams equips insurance sales professionals to do so by:

      • Applying the challenger approach to closing insurance deals
      • Positioning a differentiated value proposition that goes beyond premiums and payouts.

SalesRuby’s optimization process means that your insurance sales agents will be empowered with specific, tools, solutions and actionable insights on how to develop the insurance selling skills that are relevant to their world.


Boost Sales Skills of your Team

From prospecting and consultative selling to negotiating and closing, your sellers need the right skills to succeed in sales. We offer a full suite of sales training programs to give your team the skills they need to consistently find and win new business

Build a Team of Top Performers

To succeed in Insurance sales, you need your team to bring their A-game day in and day out. We’ll help you build a team of top performers and a culture of sales success so you don’t just meet your sales goals—you consistently beat them

Leveraging Key Accounts

A huge untapped opportunity in many Insurance companies is growing existing accounts. We’ll teach your sellers how to successfully cross-sell and upsell the full set of your company’s capabilities and grow your accounts.

Our Insurance Sales Training Approach

Bespoke Sales Training

We have a full suite of training modules tailored to help your company's sale and margins. We help generate more leads and turn them into paying customers

Sales Coaching

Working with a coach can be the difference between success and failure in retail sales. We can coach your tams ourselves or teach your sales managers to unleash the sales potential of your team

Sales Process Improvement and Consulting

Where should you focus to make significant improvements in sales performance? Where do your growth opportunities lie? We will help you uncover your greatest opportunities for sales growth and put a plan in place to realize those opportunities

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