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Real Estate Sales Training

Transform your realtor and real estate sales agents selling skills


Course Overview

Real estate sales have transformed as a result of the daily increasing population in every part of the country. In addition to this, there has been an increasing demand for commercial real estate now than ever. This presents a great opportunity for you (realtors) and your sales reps to deliver high-value deals.

However, with the stiff competition in the industry, your sales team requires personalized real estate sales training courses or programs that will teach the modern-day approach to selling that will set them apart from the regular “real estate agents.” A challenger sales approach to inspiring prospects with ideas, differentiate, and always win deals.


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At the SalesRuby Academy, we help real estate companies and agents improve their sales results through our consulting and sales training for real estate agents, teams and individuals. We’ll teach and equip your real estate sales reps with tools and solutions that will help them in identifying and selling to high-net-worth individuals and organizations and how to ultimately improve their win rates, and advance your revenue goal.


Our Real Estate Sales Training Courses Impact on your Business

SalesRuby Academy training, coaching, and consulting are tailored in a way that impacts your real estate sales team on how to:

Lead the company’s revenue growth efforts and engineering the extensive use of innovative sales principles to drive growth

Execute top line revenue deliverables in a strategic manner

Sell value at scale especially as it concerns enterprise grade and large value deal

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What do you expect to get from this training?

Step Up Your Real Estate Sales Strategies

Improve the Realtor Sales Skills of your Team

We’ll teach your team the skills they need to succeed with real estate sales and bring in a predictable steady flow of profitable new business

Develop a culture of Constant Wins

We’ll establish a sales culture across your entire company that inspires sales enthusiasm, energy, and is particular about results

Leveraging Technology and Growing your Existing Client base

We are in a digital age driven by technology. We will show your sales team how to leverage specific tools that enable your sales process yield better win rates

What You Will Get

Bespoke Sales Training

As opposed to just teaching straight from a book, we take time to understand your current selling process, and develop a tailored training module aimed at improving your bottomline in the current times we are in.

Director Level Faculty

Our training facilitators are sales leaders who have extensive expertise and industry experience delivering data backed results. They are ready to speak your language and teach your team based on experience and what is working

Post Training Support

We ensure the success of your team by continuously providing support in area of setback they might be facing.

Industry Leaders We've Worked With

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