Certified Senior Sales Professional Course

Learn How to Manage Your Sales Process Efficiently 

About Certified Senior Sales Professional Course

The Certified Sales Professional Course is intended for:

Certified Senior Sales Professional Course (CSSPC) Modules

Value Communication

Learn how exactly to communicate with prospects in a way that builds value perception and connect with them at an emotional level

Superior Negotiation Skill

Learn the best approach to winning multi party negotiation whole achieving a win-win for you and your customer.

Selling to SMEs and Enterprise Customers

Learn the rules for managing complex sales and winning B2B customers more easily.

Emotional Intelligence for Sales Leadership

Learn the basics of emotional intelligence and its application to critical sales outcomes including objections, stakeholder management, negotiation, etc.

Optimal Relationship Management and Account Planning

Learn how to build strategic relationship with your most critical sales opportunities.

Strategic Pipeline Management & Deal Acceleration

Learn how to build more quality pipeline and accelerate your deals to faster closure.

The Challenger Sales methodology

Challenge is the modern methodology employed by 70% of the best-performing sales reps globally. Learn how to use the challenger framework to execute.

Process-led Selling and Understanding the Sales Process

Sales only become a science when you are process-led. Learn how to adopt best-suited sales processes and optimise the same.

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Date: November 26, 2022

Journey Towards Success

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Bunmi Jembola

CEO SalesRuby

Onyinye Olisah

Vice President sales, Bud Africa

Philip Edafiogho

Philip Edafioghoiel

Chief Commercial Officer at Daphil Logistic Nigeria Ltd

Esther Uko

Easter Uko

Wazobia Max Media Head of Sales, Marketing and Communications Wazobia Max Media


Tereigh Ozapo

Head, Sales & Marketing, Solutaris LLC/InfoWARE Limited Partnership

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