Challenger & Consultative Sales Approach for Complex & Enterprise
Deal Mgt (CSC)


2 Days Training

Designed For

Sales Professionals, Sales Managers, CEOs, Entrepreneurs in the B2B business

Delivery Format

This course will be delivered virtually/physically

Covers the twin modern sales philosophies of
Challenger Sales and Consultative Sales. It
deals very decisively with concepts and
processes for managing complex, big value
and long-cycle deals as well as the processes
for selling to enterprise-grade customers and
big corporations.

Challenger & Consultative Sales Approach for Complex & Enterprise Deal Management Course Module

Understanding the Challenger Sales Technique

Why the Challenger Approach

The Pillars of Challenger Sales

What Challenger Health Tech Reps do

Furthering Strong Persuasion Leading to Closure

Practical Application of the Challenger Approach to Corporate Sales

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