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Certified Basic Sales Course

Certified Basic
Sales Course

About Course

The Certified Sales Professional Course is intended for:

Basic Sales Course

Learn and Understand the Basics of Sales
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  • Virtual Learning & Physical
  • 2 Months Duration


Introduction to
Basic Sales

  • Understanding the Selling Profession, Sales methodologies, and situational applications.
  • The Sales Mastermind- What excellent salespeople do
  • The Psychology of Buying – Understanding Customer Behavior
  • Understanding Basic Terminologies in Sales

Selling Skills

  • Building Rapport with Your Customers
  • Learning from, Engaging with and Listening to Your Customers
  • Handling First Level Conversations
  • Active Listening


  • Understanding Modern Pipeline Generation
  • Principles of High Value Strategic Prospecting
  • Adoption of technology tools, tactical Approach for Closing deals with valuable decision makers
  • Making Your Outbound Calls

Outbound Calls

  • Researching Ahead of Calls
  • Preparing for the Call- Mindset
  • Building Rapport Over the Phone
  • Building Relatability & Context into Calls

Writing Outbound Sales

  • Email Subject’s that Work
  • Character of Effective Outbound Sales Emails
  • Fitting Content to Need
  • Writing Actual Outbound Copies
  • Writing Follow-Up Emails


  • Understanding Customer’s Point of View
  • Mastering the Art & Science of Persuasion
  • Key Techniques in Persuasion
  • Thinking Win-Win

The Science of Objection Handling

  • The Various Types of Objections and How to Handle them
  • Understanding a Scientific Template to Handling Objections
  • Handling Price-based Objections
  • Handling Perception-Based Objections

Deal Closure

  • Key Principles and Tactics in Closing Deals
  • Adopting Critical Questioning for Closing Deals
  • Aligning Multiple Stakeholders
  • Understanding How to Drive Urgency
  • Getting the Yes from an Unwilling Customer
  • Tactics for Closing Stale Deals

Understanding Sales Processes

  • What is a Sales Process
  • Understanding Basic Terminologies in a Sales Process
  • The Key Stages of Every Sales Process- Prospecting, Qualifying, Follow-up, Objection Handling, Negotiation, Closure
  • Tailoring a Sales Processes for Your Product?

Delivery Mode/How It Works


Esther Uko

Head of Sales, Marketing and Communications
Wazobia Max Media

Terry Ozapo

Head, Sales & Marketing,
Solutaris LLC/InfoWARE Limited Partnership

Bunmi Jembola

CEO, SalesRuby Ltd

Ezekiel Solesi


Certificate Is Awarded Based On: