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Certified Sales Leadership Courses

Hone your selling skills


Whether you are talking to a friend or selling to your largest client you are selling your beliefs. Our Certified Sales Courses will help you understand and master the basic principles of influence used by the top professionals worldwide.

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Tap into an exclusive approach that will make the difference for you​.

Get Your Sales Team Exceeding Revenue Targets With SalesRuby Sales Certification Courses

With our detailed understanding of sales process optimization and sales capability training, your sales team can potentially grow your revenue by as much as 300%. We work with you to identify the current gaps in your sales motion, process, and revenue architecture, then expose them to cutting-edge technology solutions that dramatically ramp up sales.

Who Should Take a Certified Sales Courses?

These courses are for anyone who wants to become a Certified Sales Professional (CSP). The designation is for sales professionals who want recognition for excellence in how well they handle the largest accounts, and customers, with the most strategic and proven to be effective approaches and methodology, while consistently meeting or exceeding their sales targets. 

This comprehensive, eight-week physical and virtual course provides the strategy, proven daily conditioning, and effective behavioral training that helps you create lasting success. These are the changes that will make you the best at what you do.

The Certified Sales Course program is uniquely designed to transform you into a top performer in sales.

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The Mark of Excellence in Professional Sales

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SalesRuby Academy Courses

Feel free to explore our variety of courses specially designed for sales professional and revenue leaders and their start dates.

Certified Basic Sales Course

Understand the basic fundamentals of selling


Learn more

Certified Senior Sales Professional

Learn How to Start Selling  Like a Pro


Learn more

Service Excellence

Learn How to Manage Your Sales Process Efficiently


Learn more

Saas & Tech Sales Leadership Course

Learn How to Start Selling Saas & Tech Solutions Like a Pro


Learn more

RTM Excellence and Modern Trade Excellence

Learn Efficient Ways of Product Distribution in Retail/FMCG industry


Learn more

Innovative Business & People Leadership Course

Discover how the modern ways of leading your people as well as your business 


Learn more

Customer Success Management Course

Upscale your customer exerience management skills


Learn more

Retail Sales & Key Account Management Course

Learn How best to Manage your Key Accounts in the Retail Industry


Learn more

Retail Sales & Key Account Management Course

Learn How best to Manage your Key Accounts in the Retail Industry


Learn more

Channel Sales Management Course

Selling through Channels Demystified


Learn more

Certified Sales Manager & Revenue Leadership Course

Learn How to Lead Sales and Revenue the Right Way


Learn more

Strategic Business & People Leadership Course

Strategic Business and People Leadership Course


Learn more

Effective Business Coaching Course

Learn How to Manage and Direct your Business for Success


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What are forward to gain from this training?
"Attending a sales training with the Academy was a great eye opener specifically on what it takes to sell at good pricing in spite of customer objections and harsh competition. I never knew before now that price meant nothing."
Michael Idiaye
The training was very good for me. It will help me move to a new dimension in areas of sales strategy relating to the business and the customer for a profitable ROI (Return of Investment).
Evans Esezobor
Technical Head - TDS Lagos
"Attending the Sales Master Class was clearly one of my best career decisions. By applying the principles shared by Bunmi Jembola I moved from being a rookie in sales to being able to now close multi million naira deals all on my own.!"
Suleiman AbdulSalam