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High Value Prospecting (HVP)


2 Days Training

Designed For

Sales Professionals, Sales Managers, CEOs, Entrepreneurs in the B2B business

Delivery Format

This course will be delivered virtually/physically

To introduce high value strategic prospecting principles that enables businesses to land high impact opportunities. The course focuses on technology tools, tactical approach as well as well-researched methods for closing sourcing valuable decision makers, their profile and contacts. After training participants are able to double high value leads generation
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High Value Prospecting (HVP) Training Topics

The Challenger Prospecting Approach

How to Prospect to Target

Prospecting via LinkedIn

A-leads Scoring Template

Effective Follow-up Strategies

What is Outbound

Designing Outbound Structure & Cadence

The Principles of Outbound

Leveraging Sales Engagement for Outbound

Sales People, Places and Money

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