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Key Account
Management for
B2B Sales Development (KMB)


2 Days Training

Designed For

Sales Professionals, Sales Managers, CEOs, Entrepreneurs in the B2B business

Delivery Format

This course will be delivered virtually/physically

To introduce participants to the core
principles of professional sales including
negotiation, objection handling, conversation
intelligence need for effective key account management in B2B sales.

After training participants
would be able to sell like a professional, have
very convincing conversations and engage
drive sales conversations to closure.

Key Account Management Topics for B2B Sales

What You Will learn.

What is key account Management?

Differentiating Account Management from Sales and Distribution

The Roles of a Key Account Manager

Pillars of Strategic Key Account Management Growth

Handling Irate Customers & Service Failure Incidents

Managing KA as Business Growth Consultants

The Look Anatomy

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